Flights To White River
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Travel Options To White River

1. Drive Thunder Bay - White River
Flights To White River Ontario There are no scheduled flights to White River and the town does not have an airport. You have two choices however if you want to fly scheduled airlines. (1) You can fly scheduled service to Sault Ste Marie from Toronto with either Air Canada Jazz or Porter. From Sault Ste Marie you would need to rent a car for a 3.5 - 4 hour drive to White River. (2) You can fly scheduled flights to Thunder Bay from Toronto or Winnipeg and here again you need to rent a car for the aprox 4 hour drive to White River. If you prefer not to drive, you would have the option of a float plane charter to White River from Thunder Bay or Sault Ste Marie.
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2. Fly Thunder Bay - White River
If you are looking for a unique week of remote wilderness fishing, you can fly float plane charter flights from White River to a choice of remote fly-in lodges, outpost camps or camping spots across the north. See links on adjacent map for contact details for charter services.
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3. Drive DetailsThunder Bay - White River
Upon arrival in Thunder Bay you can arrange car rental and drive to White River. Click the blue highway route on the above map for distances, drive times and suggested route. Check out the hotel links on this page if you need hotel accommodations in Thunder Bay or in White River.
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4. Accommodations and Services in White River
We have provided links to hotels and travel services not only for White River, but also for cities and towns across the north which are typical departure points for passengers traveling to White River. No matter where you are traveling across Northern & Northwestern Ontario, you will find the following hotel links
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