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Bearskin Airlines

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NorthStar Air

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Wasaya Airways

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Flight Schedules & Fares To and From Sioux Lookout

The following flights / schedules and fares are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Viewers are urged to refer to the airline's website for current schedules and fares.

From Sioux Lookout Bearskin Airlines offers flights to Red Lake / Winnipeg / Thunder Bay / Dryden / Kenora and Fort Frances.

Bearskin Airlines Sioux Lookout to Red Lake

Sunday through Friday, Bearskin Airways offers 3 daily non stop flights from Sioux Lookout to Red Lake. The first flight of the day departs Sioux Lookout at 11:20 AM - flies non stop direct to Red Lake arriving at 11:55. The 2nd available flight departs Sioux at 5:25 arriving 35 minutes later at 6 pm. The last flight of the day departs at 9:35 pm arriving Red Lake at 10:05. On Saturday there is just one flight which departs Sioux Lookout at 11:20 am and arrives in Red Lake at 12:15. This flight makes one stop and has a travel duration of 55 minutes.

The lowest available one way rates for this flight is currently showing at $169 on the Fixed Fare and is for a Saturday flight. The balance of thw week the lowest available rate is showing as $205 including fees and taxes.

Bearskin Airlines Sioux Lookout to Winnipeg

Passengers in Sioux Lookout have several flight options if they are planning a trip to Winnipeg. Bearskin Airlines offers up to three flights a day during the week, reduced to one flight on Saturday and two flights on Sunday.

During the week, your first flight of the day departs Sioux Lookout at 7:35 - it makes one stop in Red Lake and then flies non stop from Red Lake to Winnipeg, arriving at 9:05 pm. All times are local. That flight has a total travel duration of 1 hours and 30 minutes. This flight is ideal if you have some quick business to conduct in Red Lake before heading to Winnipeg as you can choose a later connection out of Red Lake that will allow you to spend an extra couple hours in Red Lake and arrive in Winnipeg at 12:55 or even as late as 6:55 pm.

The second departure out of Sioux Lookout for Winnipeg departs at 11:20 am arriving Winnipeg at 12:55 pm and the last flight of the day departs Sioux at 5:25 pm arriving Winnipeg at 6:55 pm. All flights make a stop in Red Lake and all these flights have a total travel duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The lowest advertised fare for one way travel to Winnipeg is on the Bearskin Flex Fare Class which is showing as $486 per person including fees and tax. Some Friday and Saturday fares are showing as $543 one way.

Bearskin Airlines Sioux Lookout to Thunder Bay

.Sioux Lookout is one of the most important air transportation hubs north of Thunder Bay. Many residents of remote northern communities come to Sioux Lookout for health care, shopping and to connect with flights to Thunder Bay. To answer that growing demand for service, Bearskin Airlines operated four flights daily Monday - Friday from Sioux Lookout to Thunder Bay and one flight on Saturday / two flights on Sunday.

If you travel on a weekday, your first flight from Sioux to Thunder Bay departs at 7:45 am and fliies non stop arriving in Thunder Bay 45 minutes later at 9:30 am (all times are local) There is a one hour time difference between Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay..

Additional flights during the day depart Sioux Lookout at 1:50 / 4:50 / 8:00 pm. All flights between Sioux and Thunder Bay are non stop and all have an average flight time of 45 minutes.

The lowest average one way fare currently advertised is on the Bearskin Flex Fare class at $297 including fees and tax.Flights on Friday and Saturday however are showing a higher one way rate of $364 per person.

Sioux Lookout Flight Departures

Sioux Lookout is a vital hub for NorthStar Air which provides scheduled service to numerous remote communities throughout the North with connections to Thunder Bay, Red Lake and Sioux Lookout.

NorthStar currently operates a Monday to Friday schedule with flight #110 departing Sioux Lookout at 8:30 am and flies non stop to Sachigo Lake, arriving at 9:45. The same aircraft then heads for Bearskin Lake arriving Bearskin at 10:15 am. The flight then departs Bearskin and flies direct to Round Lake, arriving at 10:50. After Round Lake the aircraft returns to Sioux Lookout arriving at 11:00 am. All times are local.

If you are heading for Thunder Bay, NorthStar has a departure out of Sioux Lookout at 12:30 pm (flight 101) arriving Thunder Bay at 14:15. Flights from Thunder Bay to Sioux Lookout depart at 8:15 am and fly non stop to Sioux, arriving at 8:05 (Flight #100) This aircraft then becomes fliight #110 and operates the northern route schedule as outlined above.

In the afternoon, NorthStar Air has a departure out of Sioux Lookout at 15:15 with non stop service to Round Lake. This is flight #111 which arrives Round Lake at 16:15. The flight then departs for Bearskin Lake - then on to Big Trout Lake - then to Wapekeka arriving Wapekeka at 17:40. From Wapekeka the flight is non stop back to Sioux Lookout arriving back in Sioux at 19:05 - flight #122.

NorthStar also provides scheduled service to Cat Lake, North Spirit Lake, Deer Lake, Poplar Hill on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Flights are available to Muskrat Dam on a Saturday and Sunday.

NorthStar Air offers two fare classes, Thrift and Flex. If you are confident you will not need to make any changes to your flight plans once you have made your reservations, then the Thrift Fare is your cheapest option. For many of the routes outlined above, you will pay a one way fare of between $200 - $240 with tax and fees. If you book on the Flex class, one way fares may average $475 per person.

Direct, non stop flights are available between

Sioux Lookout Air Charter Services & Helicopter Flights
There are also charter flights available to and from Sioux Lookout with wheel planes, float planes and helicopters. Sioux Lookout is an extremely busy float plane operations center in the summer time because of the huge number of fishermen that use Sioux Lookout as a jumping off point for fly-in fishing trips to the dozens of remote lodges and outpost camps to the north. If you wish to search information and rates on any of these or other air charter services throughout Northern and Northwestern Ontario - search


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