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Bearskin Airlines Flights To Thunder Bay / Eastern Canada and USA

Bearskin Flights From Sioux Lookout to Thunder Bay
Bearskin Airlines offers 4 non stop flights from Sioux Lookout direct to Thunder Bay Monday to Friday. The first flight departs Sioux Lookout at 7:45 am and arrives 9:30 am (all times are local) Trip duration is 45 minutes. The next flight is at 1:50 pm and is also a non stop to Thunder Bay, arriving 45 minutes later at 3:35 pm. (all times are local) Two more flights are available each day, departures at 4:50 and an 8 pm departure. All flights are estimated at 45 minute duration.

Wekend schedules are different. On Saturday there is just one flight from Sioux Lookout to Thunder Bay departing at 7:45. On Sunday there two Thunder Bay departures to Thunder Bay, one at 1:55 and the other at 8:00 pm

Bearskin offers a fixed, flex and liberty fare. The fixed fare is the cheapest available and is great if there is no chance of you needing to change any details of your travel. The Flex and liberty fare is more expensive but gives you the flexiblility of changing your travel. We suggest you refer to their website for full details. Currently the cheapest one way fare between Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay is between $216 and $240. According to their website, the fares include some surcharges.

Bearskin Flights From Sudbury to Thunder Bay

If you are looking for flights from Sudbury to Thunder Bay - Bearskin Airlines offers flights 6 days a week.

There is one flight to Thunder Bay on Sunday with a departure time of 6:20 pm and arrival in Thunder Bay 2 hours and 15 minutes late at 8:35.

The following day on Monday, there are two flights to Thunder Bay from Sudbury. The first flight departs at 8:35 am arriving Thunder Bay at 10:45. The 2nd flight of the day departs at 2:15 pm and arrives Thunder Bay at 4:30 pm.

There are three daily flights from Sudbury operating on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There are no flights on Saturday.

All flights from Sudbury to Thunder Bay make a stop in Sault Ste Marie and have an average travel duration time of 2 hours and 15 minutes with the stop included.

One way fares will average between $345 - $594 depending on your choice of fixed, flex or liberty fares.

Bearskin Airlines Routes
Bearskin Airlines Flights To Thunder Bay and destinations across Northern Ontario.
Bearskin Airlines provides scheduled service to 12 communities throughout Northern, Northwestern Ontario and Winnipeg. With a fleet of 19 passenger Metroliners, Bearskin provides a valuable service to government, business, construction and vacation travelers throughout the North with conveient connecting flights between Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, Dryden, Kenora, Fort Frances, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Timmins and Kapuskasing - plus Winnipeg. The head office for Bearskin Airlines is Thunder Bay Ontario with bases across the north and a staff of more than 180 flight and ground staff.

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